Dr. Syafruddin, S.E., MBA

Tentang Saya (About Me)

Syafruddin Chan is from Rantau Kuala Simpang Aceh Tamiang. Born on October 29, 1963. From elementary to senior high school was in Kuala Simpang. S1 at the Faculty of Economics Unsyiah completed in 1987, S2 at the University of Illinois graduated in 1993 and Doctoral degree from Padjadjaran University completed in 2013. He began to serve as a Lecturer in the Department of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Unsyiah from 1988 until now.In 2018 he was awarded as the first outstanding lecturer at the Unsyiah Faculty of Economics and Business. He also recently won the Satyalancana Karya Satya award, 30 years of service as a Civil Servant at Syiah Kuala University





email syafruddin.chan@unsyiah.ac.id
www https://www.facebook.com/DrSyafruddinChan, http://fsd.unsyiah.ac.id/syafruddinchan/
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Publikasi (Publications)

Jurnal (Journals)

Prosiding (Proceedings)

Syafruddin Chan, H Fahlevi, , N Fadli, P Hasibuan, S E Sofyan, Rianjuanda, M Syukri7, T Saidi, and R Dawood, 2021, Does online marketing help in promoting fish? case study on fish companies in Aceh, Indonesia, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 674, International and National Symposium on Aquatic Environment and Fisheries , Banda Aceh, 24 September 2020, Bristol, Britania Raya, IOP Publishing Ltd, , 17551315, 17551307.

Syafruddin, Heru Pahlevi, Jalaluddin, 2019, What are determining factors of tourist loyalty to tsunami affected tourism destination?, Tsunami Disaster & Tourism, The 11th Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery , Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 10–12 October 2018, OP Publishing Ltd. Temple Circus Teple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG United Kingdom, IOP Publishing Ltd, 0, ISSN 1755-1307 (P). 1755-1315 (E).

Syafruddin Chan, Muslim A Djalil, Said Musnadi, 2018, EFFECT OF CREATIVE TOURIST EXPERIENCE AND LEISURE ENJOYMENT TO BEHAVIORAL INTENTION ON MARINE TOURISM DESTINATION, Business & Hospitality Management, The IRES 136th International Conference, Antalya, Turki, 7th -8 th August, 2018, India, The Ires, , 978-93-88192-43-9.

Syafruddin, 2016, APPLICATION OF IMPORTANCE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS IN ASSESSING THE SERVICES QUALITY OF PASSANGER FERRY SERVICES, Business, 25th International Academic Conference, Paris, Perancis, 06 - 09 September 2016, Prague, Czech Republic , International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES), , 2336-5617.

Syafruddin Chan, Mirza Tabrani, Fauziah Aida Fitri, 2016, Increasing the Quality of Tuna to Fulfill Japan Export Market Preferences, Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized, AGBA - SMARTCEIC Joint Conference: The 13th Annual World Congress of Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA), Solo, November 26-27, 2016, Solo Indonesia, Academy for Global Business Advancement, 0, ISSN: 1549-9332.

Syafruddin, 2015, Evaluation of International Tourist Satisfaction in Weh Island Indonesia Using HOLSAT Model, 17th EBES CONFERENCE - VENICE, 17th EBES CONFERENCE - VENICE, Venice, Italy, OCTOBER 15-17, 2015, Istambul Turki, EBES, , .

Syafruddin, Rufaidah, Fauziah Aida Fitri, 2015, Analysis the Effectiveness of Cocoa Distribution Channel in the Province of Aceh, Indonesia, Business, 4th International Conference on Management, Finance & Entrepreneurship (ICMFE-2015), Medan Indonesia, 11 - 12 April 2015, , IFRD, , ISSN 2311-6269.

Syafruddin Chan, Muslim A.Djalil, Kurnia Asni, 2015, Analysis of Customers Perceive Value, Service Quality, Passanger Satisfaction and Loyalty for The Executive Night Bus Services Banda Aceh-Medan Route, “Venture Creation and Development in the Borderless World”, The 7th Indonesian International Conference On Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business 2015, Bandung Indonesia, August4-6, 2015, Bandung Indonesia, IICIES, 0, .

Training/Diklat (Workshops)

02-10-2017, Pengenalan Software AMOS untuk Analisis Model SEM, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unsyiah, Kampus Unsyiah Darussalam Banda Aceh
15-04-2015, Potensi Investasi di Kawasan Free Port & Free Trade Zone, BPKS, Sabang

Paten (Patents)

2018, Karya Ilmiah: Indonesian Marine Tourism: Developing A Favorable Tourism Destination To Attract International Sailors, 000127790, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
     Syafruddin Chan.

Penghargaan (Awards)

03-07-2018, Dosen Berprestasi Pertama tingkat Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unsyiah, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unsyiah, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.